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Looking for new book inspiration?

It’s not easy to find the next great read. That’s why we put together an entire page to support you. Browse through hot upcoming releases, recommendations per category or book reviews to find your next book!

Are you interested in the 7 areas of life?

Life has many facets. All of them deserve our attention and none of the 7 Areas of Life should be neglected. Master these areas and you’ll live a happy, balanced and fullfilled life.

Do You want to become a better reader?

Reading is a skill, just like everything else. We need to develop and work on that skill. Most of us are stuck at the reading level of elementary school, because we never learned how to read on an advanced level. Take your reading to the next level!

Do you want to read the next book together with others?

Reading is one thing, but applying what we read is far more important. The book club provides an elite environment of readers who provide support, inspiration and accountability for each other!

Who am I and what’s my mission?

The power of reading hit me right in the face a couple years ago. Now I have a strong urge to share that gift with others! Read about my story, how I started and where I plan to go with the brand timosnotes.