Hi, I am Timo


I dream of a world where constant and proactive self-development is the new standard.

My Mission is to give 1.000.000 people the books and tools to improve their lifes.


My Story

Ever since I was able to read I loved getting lost in books. As a child I was constantly reading novels and other fiction books.

However, during high school I almost entirely stopped reading in my free time. I was only reading the books we had to read at school. That changed in autumn 2015 during a vacation.

There was this book on our living room table by the famous German mountaineer Reinhold Messner. It looked interesting, I was bored, so I decided to read it. Reading that book immediately sparked my joy for books again and had me looking for new reads again.

At first I was just reading whatever I thought was interesting. From novels that were recommended by my German teacher to some non-fiction books about current topics like international trade agreements. Back then my main reason for reading was pleasure.

That changed after a while, when I first heard about personal development. I read some books like Elon Musk´s biography and Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, but what I consider my first step into this segment was Robert Kiyosaki´s Rich Dad Poor Dad. That’s when I really started diving into the rabbit hole of self-help and personal development books.

I got obsessed with the thought of becoming a better person by doing something I enjoy – reading. There is so much to learn from the endless amount of books available nowadays. The good thing is, that you can choose whatever you want to learn about and just pick up a book about that specific topic. I love the concept of one person putting all their knowledge and experience into a book, that I can pick up and learn from their failures and life-lessons.

One thing that encouraged me to keep reading these kinds of books were statements from people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs or other outstanding individuals. They all agree that there is a special power in reading!

In this blog and on my social media pages I want to let you be part of my journey, share what I learned about life from the books I read, and inspire you to embark on your own reading journey.

To all the great books,