Your relationships, friendly, familial or romantic, are so important to your life that you cannot ignore them. Learn how to have happy and fulfilling relationships with your fellow human beings and how to give them what they need and what makes them happy.

Top 3 Book Recommendations

If you want to have happy relationships, with your friends, family and partner, you have to learn about the 5 love languages. This book shows you the importance of these different languages and what is important for every love language. If you know about these, you are perfectly prepared to have deep relationships with everyone.

If you haven’t read this awesome classic by Dale Carnegie, then you have to! Not should, not could, but a MUST read! Carnegie teaches you about the timeless laws of interpersonal relationships.

This book by Keith Ferrazzi is about many topics from networking to building your own personal brand. It is an all-time classic and a perfect book for everyone –  for the starters and also for the advanced. It shows you that your network is your strongest power.

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