Mentality & Emotions

Your mental attitude and your emotions significantly determine your life. There is a phrase “When emotion goes up, intelligence goes down.” which describes well why the mindset needs to be trained & emotions need to be controlled. Both have a major impact on your decisions and thus your entire life.

Top 3 Book Recommendations

Author David Goggins is one of the most famous men in the area of motivation and self-improvement and considered the toughest man on the planet. In this book David Goggins shares his life story and a path that you can follow to push pain, break off fear,  and reach your full potential.

This book by David J. Schwartz is a life changer. It gives you the tools and the ability to change your life. Right Now! He teaches you about the power of positive thoughts, creative power and how to defeat disbeliefs.

In this book Dr. Joseph Murphy empowers you to unlock the power of your subconscious mind and shows you how to do it. With this concept you can improve in every area of your life: physique, time, relationships, finance, spirituality and career.

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