If you claim “money is evil” or don’t want to deal with the topic of finances, you limit yourself in your possibilities and consciously set limits to your life. So learn more about money & finances to sharpen your financial intelligence and to be able to seize more opportunities in your life.

Top 3 Book Recommendations

Robert Kiyosaki had two dads in his childhood: His real dad, the poor dad, and the dad of his best friend and his mentor, the rich dad. In his book Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyosaki shows you the rules of money and the rules of cashflow. It’s about the secrets of the rich. If you want to gain financial freedom, you have to read this one.

This story of a man who lives in the antique Babylon is a great novel about the laws of money and how you can multiply your money. It’s a fast read and a great summary of the most important laws of money.

Tony Robbins is the most famous motivation and life coach, but he is also a great business man with a network of the biggest investors and the most successful men of Wall Street. In his book Money he gives you a step-by-step instruction on how you can gain financial safety  or financial freedom.

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