Job & career & mission

A large part of your life is spent on your job and your career. Therefore, you should think very carefully and have clarity in the question “Why are you here?” and “What is your task, your mission, in life?”, otherwise you’ll one day end up in a place where you never wanted to be.

Top 3 Book Recommendations

This great book by Simon Sinek talks about inspiring and mobilizing people. It gives you the concept of the ‘golden circle’ with its most important part: the why. The book shows you the importance of the question ‘Why?’. Why is your company doing what it’s doing? What’s your ‘why’ in life? Use the powerful ‘why’ to inspire people, just like Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King did.

In this best-selling book two U.S. Navy SEAL officers teach you to be a powerful leader and give you the most important principles of leadership. It doesn’t matter if you are a boss of a company, a mum or a dad or a grandad: Your leadership qualities will have a huge impact on the people who look up to you.

New York bestselling author Tim Ferriss shows you his concept of how you can reconstruct life and that life is not all about work. He shows you what is possible, if you try a different way than most people in life. 9-to-5 is not a law, it is a concept. If it doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, then search for a concept which works for you. Tim Ferriss gives you a new view of life in this awesome book.

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