The sphere of spirituality brings together all areas of life and helps you find your center to live a life in balance. It deals with observing and getting to know our inner self in order to live with our heart and guide our mind. It is the sphere that is probably the hardest to grasp and brings the most depth. It ranges from meditation, to manifestation, to the deepest realizations about energies, frequencies and the world we move in.

Top 3 Book Recommendations

This book is a ‘practical guide to personal freedom’ and will help you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs, which have a negative impact in your life. If you want to have a life full of love and happiness you have to work on your self-limiting beliefs. This book is a great start to do this.

We live in a noisy world of Social Media and everyone wants to reach bigger goals. Sometimes in this noisy world we forget one important fact: we only live in the moment right now. You can’t live in the past again or travel in the future. So connect with the moment and be present. A great book about the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.

Many people are so busy in life, that they are never asking a really important question themself: “Who am I?”. What defines you or who defines you? If you ask yourself questions like this, you will get some interesting answers. With methods like meditation the author Michael Singer shows you how you can achieve happiness and self-realization.

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