Book Review – digital minimalism

“It’s easy to be seduced by the small amount of profit offered by the latest app or service, but then forget its cost in terms of the most important resource we possess: the minutes of our life.”

Contrary to what I believed, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport isn’t about talking down new technologies, smartphones, instant messaging, etc.

Instead, Newport emphasizes that we should question how effective these technologies really are and how much they contribute to things that are really important to us.

The best way to change our usage of new technologies, according to Newport, is to first do a 30 day digital declutter. That means you should cut out all OPTIONAL technologies (apps, devices, softwares,…) and only use the vital few that you need for work purposes or to keep your personal life together.

You don’t have to make blunt yes or no decisions, instead you can put rules in place that allow you to use different technologies under certain circumstances. For example: I’m not allowed to watch Netflix, except when I’m in a social setting with friends and we watch something together.

Newport goes on to provide a ton of practical tips on how to mindfully reintroduce the technologies you absolutely need after your 30 days.

It’s a fantastic read and really made me think in many ways.