Book Review – improve your self image

What makes someone Attractive? 💃🏻

Attraction comes from more than just physical appearance and it’s more complex than “character”.

It doesn’t just refer to romantic or sexual attraction, but also to platonic attraction, which describes the desire to form a friendship with someone. 🤝

Attraction is the emotional pull you feel towards someone.

There are eight factors responsible for creating the strongest emotional pull. These factors ignore all kinds of cultural, religious, language or socioeconomic barriers.

Justin Clottey (@becomextraordinary) , the author, provides brief explanations for each factor and also shares a couple of practical tips for the reader to work on their attractiveness. 👍🏼

He gives a scientific background where necessary, but doesn’t over-complicate things.

Altogether it’s an engaging read with a ton of practical things to implement and work on. Exactly what we are looking for! 💯

If you wanna learn more about the eight factors and how you can improve them, grab a copy of “Improve Your Self-Image by Understanding what Makes Someone Attractive”!