1. Six Degrees

A terrifying breakdown of what the world could look like if the average temperature on earth increased by one to six degrees. The book is based on scientific studies up until the year 2007 but it still paints a good picture.

2. we are the weather

Jonathan Safran Foer explains how each of us can make an impact on climate change. His focus is on what we eat, especially animal products and why we should stop doing so.

3. The uninhabitable earth

This book makes a point that what will happen with our planet is far worse than what most of us imagine. We can’t keep going like we are right now, but have to make radical changes, otherwise our planet will become uninhabitable.

4. this changes everything

The author argues that climate change is a matter so important, we can’t just treat it like any other problem that gets no serious attention. According to Klein re-thinking our economic system is necessary to avoid the worst from happening.

5. don´t even think about it

Marshall unpacks why, even though most of us know that climate change is real, we don’t do much about it. The book looks a climate change from a psychological perspective more than from an environmental perspective.

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