Must read books about Leadership

1. Dare to Lead

New York Time Bestselling author Brene Brown shows you how you can put ideas into practice, so you can step up and lead. She points out how we can cultivate brave leaders, who make a difference in the world.

2. Leaders eat last

What makes a great leader? What are the characteristics of a good leader? Simon Sinek shows you in his great book “leaders eat last”, what it takes to be a leader, who inspires people. And one of the most important characteristics of a great leader is suffering. A great leader suffers for the people below him. He does whatever it takes to protect his people. And what will the people do, if they have a leader, who suffers for them? They will pay it back, whatever it takes.

3. extreme ownership

Two ex Navy SEALS share the timeless principles of leadership that they learned and developed during their time in Iraq. They also help you to apply these principles in business or other areas in your life.

4. lead like you were meant to

Proper leadership according to Rob McKinnon requires four-dimensional awareness, combined with constant assessment and adjustment. He explains what the four dimensions are and how you can master them.

5. 21 irrefutable laws of leadership 

This book by the great author John C. Maxwell shows you the ‘laws’ about leadership. The laws are characteristics and skills, which a great leader has to have. If you want to inspire and lead people, Maxwell gives you the tools  you need to become a great leader. Must read for everyone – beginner and advanced!

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