Must read books about Nutrition

1. the china study

Do you know which impact your diet has on your life? If not or if you want to learn more about diet and diseases then this book will be an eye opener for you. Learn how you can reduce the risk of cancer or other diseases just by adjusting your diet.

2. how not to die

Author Dr. Michael Greger analyzes the 15 most common causes of death of the western world and explains, based on the latest scientific research results, how these can be avoided. Surprisingly, we can avoid most of the deaths caused by diseases by changing our diet

3. genius foods

Can food make you a genius? In his book “genius food” author Max Lugavere uncovers the link between our brain and our diet. He shows you how you can select food and use it to gain a healthier brain. Must read for every high-performer and also  every human being who wants to live a long healthy life.

4. the world´s fittest book

Ross Edgley has unlocked the science of working out. Whether you’re training for endurance, strength or pure muscle mass, this book will help you to understand the basic principle necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

5. The Diet Compass

Bas Kast spent years reading and understanding all scientific studies about diet and nutrition. In his book he shares the most important principles and learnings for a healthy lifestyle.

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