Must read books about productivity

1. the one thing

This book is all about focus. If you want to reach your goals, you only have to focus on the next step. Focus only on this step, and you will be successful. The book will guide you to find out what the exact next step is. Read this book to achieve your life goals!

2. eat that frog!

This all-time classic by Brian Tracy is about effectiveness and efficiency. It helps you by arranging and planning your day and your whole life. It gives you all the tools you need to prioritize and set the time to complete your tasks.

3. as many reps as possible 

Jason Khalipa, 2008 Crossfit Games Champion, shares the five steps of the AMRAP Mentality and how you can use them to succeed in business and in life. 

4. deep work 

In today’s world we face more distractions than ever before. Cal Newport explains how these distractions destroy our ability to focus and why we have to regain it.

5. atomic habits

Your habits are a really big part of your life and that’s the reason why you have to take a closer look at them. The great author James Clear gives you the tools, to optimize your daily habits, which will have a huge positive impact on your life today and in the future.

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