Must read books about Reading

1. Reading in the Brain 

Stanislas Dehaene shows us how we learn to read and how we process language. He reveals the hidden logic of spelling and the power of the subconscious mind in terms of reading.

2. reader, Come home

In today’s world we unlearn more and more the ability to think critically because of social media and other media. We are surrounded by the opinions of millions of people. In this book author Maryanne Wolf describes her concerns and her hopes about reading and the digital mediums.

3. How to read a book 

If you want to get past the level of elementary reading, that most of us are still at, this is the book for you. The authors explain the next three levels of reading and how you can get there.

4. the reader´s journey 

In this beautiful short book Alex Wieckowski aka Alex and Books talks about what makes reading so special, why it’s so beneficial and how you can become an even better reader. This book is currently not for sale. If you’re interested reach out to @alexandbooks_ on Instagram.

5. super reading secrets 

This book by Howard Stephen Berg will give you the skills to become a speed reader. Interesting for everyone who reads many books and other literature like newspapers. Unlock your power of speed-reading.

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