Must read books about running

1. Eat & Run

In his book “Eat & Run” author and ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek recounts the story of his life as an athlete. He gives you some exciting insights about his athlete lifestyle and his vegan diet. From his childhood until today: An inspiring story by Scott Jurek.

2. born to run

A story about ultramarathons. From the first day of an ultramarathon, when these runs were not mentioned as “ultramarathon”. An exciting and inspirational story about running – an activity we are born for. Everyone of us.

3. Finding ultra 

Rich Roll shares his story from overweight and unhealthy couch potato to the starting line of the Ultraman in Hawaii. He provides tips on running, recovery and nutrition to compete in such elite races.

4. 80/20 Running

You want extraordinary results as a runner? Then use the method, which has been embraced by many elite runners. Running and fitness expert Matt Fitzgerald explains the 80/20 running program – a program which will improve your performance. Dramatically.

5. what i talk about when i talk about running 

Author Haruki Murakami reflects on the influence sport has made on his life and on  his writing as an author. He tells stories out of his life and how his life changed when he decided to become a writer. It’s for both: People who are interested in running and also people who are interested in writing.

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