Must read books about technology

1. inspired

Are you working in a Start-Up or in a company, which wants to scale its own products? Then this book by Marty Cagan will help you to make the right moves and gives you the tools to improve in sections like assembling people, peoples skillset, product and processes. If you are in business, this book will be the right choice for  you.

2. the inevitable

In his New York Times Bestselling book author Kevin Kelly writes about the coming changes in the next 30 years – from VR to AI, Kelly will give you a deeper understanding about the coming trends and how they will affect your life.

3. The innovators

This book gives you a great overview about the story of the people who created the computer and the internet. From Alan Turing to Steve Jobs, you will dive deep in the story of these people and you will learn more about the skills you need to create innovations.

4. tools and weapons

This one is interesting. Why? Because it will give you an insiders view about how technology empowers and also threatens us humans. Microsoft President Brad Smith talks about his view on the technology and how it changes our world.

5. the future is faster than you think

We live in a world full of rapid technology disruptions – everyone knows this. That book is a blueprint for how our world will change in the upcoming next 10 years. The authors take a look at every part of our life – from transportation to education – the world will change and this book gives you a feeling about these changes.

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