Book Review – people skills for analytical thinkers

What do you say to a co-worker who strikes up a conversation with you and keeps rambling, when you were actually in the middle of completing a very important task?

How do you react in order to not hurt their feelings but at the same time set clear boundaries?

That’s just one example of the importance of people skills at work. 🖥️

Communicating with, understanding and influencing other people are such vital skills in today’s economy. If you master these things as an Analytical Thinker it makes you 10 times more valuable for any company! 💰

People Skills for Analytical Thinkers is a step by step guide to understanding your own algorithms and the algorithms of others in order to become a better communicator and increase your influence on others.

First you should be aware of your own algorithms. This step takes some serious self-observation and reflection, in order for you to realize which automatic behavior – aka algorithms – you have developed over the years. How to deal with your algorithms and change them if necessary is one of the most important lessons taught in the book! ⚙️

Once you know how to “handle” your own algorithms, you can move on to discovering and understanding the algorithms of others. This is something that most people, including myself, find hard. Gilbert provides some really useful tips on how to find out the true intentions behind people’s actions.

Influencing people does not mean manipulating them, instead it is about identifying their needs and how you can help them fulfill their needs. Now, most people won’t just tell you what their needs are. It’s your job to observe them and ask the right questions to get to the bottom of it.

In theory this doesn’t sound too difficult, but putting this into action takes practice. That’s why Gilbert takes you through a couple of exercises that will help you start building the necessary habits and skills to become a great communicator at work and in your personal life. 💯

He uses explanatory real-life examples, as well as easy and understandable analogies and language, which makes the book a fun read! 📖